Tile...Porcelain... Ceramic... Through Body..?

All tile is made equal, or is it? When looking on the surface, it looks the same, but in this case don't judge a book by its cover. Depending on your purpose you want to choose your tile very carefully.

Many times a regular ceramic tile will fit your project very well, however if you are putting tile in a shower, outdoors, or in wet spaces; consider porcelain. If you are going to put tile in commercial areas and areas with heavy traffic, porcelain is the way to go. Porcelain not only withstands more weight and is more crack resistant, but also has a lower (slower) water absorbency rate. This means your porcelain shower tile will absorb less water than ceramic tile shower; you will avoid potential mold and mildew growth.

You are set on porcelain. Yes, porcelain is the way you will go... but wait you hear that this porcelain is a color body. Color body? Turns out there is a tile for people with two left feet, hands, eyes.. people like me. If you drop a pot on your pretty tile floor, it will still break and chip, but a color body will not show as much. The color through out the tile will hide any chips in your tile flooring.

Another option to consider is rectified tile. Rectified edges- Tile is cut to exact dimensions, and will be perfect square. Yes, regular tile is not a perfect square, it is usually under 8ths of an inch, but that is where a professional tile installer comes in a makes your floor look a million bucks. Rectified Tile can come in ceramic or porcelain.

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